Best stock options for 2919

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best stock options for 2919

Nov 11,  · Stocks for Options Trading Some good stocks for options trading that I and my mentoring students regularly employ include: GOOG, IBM, AAPL, NFLX and PCLN, to name a few. The best stocks to use will be the higher-priced stocked, generally over $ and many times many hundreds of dollars, because those stocks generate larger option premiums due to their size. Jul 29,  · Best Growth Stocks for August FACEBOOK The bottom line here is that the manner in which a stock trades can oftentimes alert you to . Here we used TipRanks market data to pinpoint stocks with a 'Strong Buy' consensus from the Street's best-performing analysts. Plus we can turn to the average analyst price target to get a handle Author: Tip Ranks.

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Also there are many traders best stock options for 2919 like to trade stocks. Whenever you begin to look for a stock to trade with options strategies, you need to look for a stock that is relatively peaceful, perhaps in a trend or maybe post earnings release. The stock needs to have good option liquidity.

Best Liquidity Number What is a good liquidity number? The more open interest that you have in a strike, the better your fills will be, as there are more people buying and selling at that level. Be careful to avoid stocks that are soon to gain media attention, such as a big product announcement, company take-over offers, or earnings reports. Speculative Options Strategies That is, of course, you are placing speculative options strategies on the event.

Those events can all cause larger movement in the stock price. One last word of advice; be careful not to be short in the money calls, whenever a stock is paying a dividend. That will often be an event that will get you exercised early and you will be forced to pay the dividend, best stock options for 2919.

These stocks can all be used for both directional and non-directional option trading strategies. Submit them here!


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best stock options for 2919


Aug 22,  · There are two strategic actions you need to find the best stocks for options trading: Scan by implied volatility. Filter for the highest volatility with any securities . Jul 30,  · A $2 move on a $10 stock is a big 20% move. Yet, I can find a $2 move on a $50 stock, which is a 2% move relative to the stocks price, every single day. This is the most obvious thing you can look for when you are filtering the best stocks for options trading. Visa Inc. (V) Options Chain - Get free stock options quotes including option chains with call and put prices, viewable by expiration date, most active, and more at